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Heart, Home, & Therapy

I started making candles back in 2019 as a fun way to save money and decorate my home. I was going through a pretty depressive period in my life; marriage failed, career not working out, and emotional distress that comes along with life's challenges. Candles just seemed the best way to "Burn it all away".

I began very small only giving them out as gifts to coworkers and friends to test out my protégés. Definitely, didn't have the elaborate scent throw that my candles have now, but it was just the beginning stages. I really didn't anticipate being consumed into candle making as I am now, but I started learning about the different types of waxes and the harmful dangers of breathing in hazardous chemicals such as paraffin and I wanted to provide better alternatives, Heart-made alternatives. As I began to grow in making my space a home my candles began to grow too.

I remember when I officially began selling candles I only started with 30 each a different scent and brought them in my work place. I was so shy and embarrassed to talk I just laid them there and hoped for the best. A coworker popped her head in and said, "You sell candles?" Nervously, I said, "Yeah. I make them at home". She started looking through them and smelling each one by one. "I will take this one. You want me to tell everyone else?". "Wha-What?" In that moment, I saw the impact that one person could make for another person. I sold out in one day. It was then I actually started believing in myself. I started believing in my product and my abilities. I was so excited I went and made more and officially opened my business as Candles & Beyond.

Its mission is to "Burn it all away" through its therapeutic fragrant scents. To bring to your home heart-made and therapies with every lit (or not!). My candles are a representation of myself and the thing I value most of all....Heart. I want to bring that to your life too.

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